Healthcare automation solutions: types and benefits overview

Today the medical industry, as much as any other, is getting more and more automated. We are recently observing various federal government initiatives across many countries, aimed at the introduction of the standardized and digitized healthcare platform that should be used by any healthcare institution acting on the market. For example, the eHealth project in Switzerland implies the implementation of the Electronic Record of the patient as early as in 2020. The Federal Electronic Patient Record (EPD), which came into force last April, gives hospitals a three-year time limit to get equipped. Considering these evolving conditions, there should not be many doubts left for healthcare organizations to adopt an EHR / EMR system for their operation. However, it’s not always clear where to start and what are the differences between different types of solutions offered.

Indeed, why spending hours on routine paperwork that will always remain a thankless labor as document will never stop getting lost, damaged or confused? It goes without saying that with paper document repository it will never be easy to find the information you need quickly. And any attempt to transfer important patient information in this disparate environment inevitably jeopardizes medical data security, patient privacy and quality of patient care.

It is no exaggeration to say that any medical care institution would like to have a powerful tool that reduces the hassle of maintaining and organizing patient notes, makes all databases more convenient to use and easier to find, while offering seamless billing integration and the ability to take a great part of workload off their doctors. And this is exactly what a custom EMR / EHR system can do for your healthcare business. Although the concepts of EHR, EMR and PM solutions are closely connected, they are not exactly the same thing. A considerable confusion often occurs when operating these terms, so it seems reasonable to puzzle it all out first.


There are several types of medical software all aimed at automation of healthcare management processes, or at least a specific part of it: Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) systems. Being three different types of product, they have one thing in common – the reason of their increasing popularity lies in unlimited benefits that they have to offer for a medical care organization of any kind.

  • According to the definitions provided by HIMSS (Health Information and Management Systems Society), an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is an application environment composed of clinical data repository, controlled medical vocabulary, order entry, pharmacy and clinical documentation applications. EMR is created in a care delivering organization (CDO) and used by a healthcare practitioner to manage healthcare delivery. EMRs are the sources of medical data for EHRs.
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a longitudinal electronic record of patient health information generated by one or more encounters in any CDO. EHR is a subset of each CDO’s EMR, it allows to easily share medical information among stakeholders – CDOs, insurance carriers, patients, government.
  • Practice Management (PM) system is a medical software application used to manage the physician business operations including scheduling appointments, claim management and accounting.

In other words, EMR, EHR and PM solutions allow practitioners and experts focus on what they do best and reduce the amount of their paperwork and routine operations. These medical software systems provide both CDOs and patients with a number of tangible benefits like:

  • Introduced standards for terminology, forms and data input result in enhanced coordination between the stakeholders
  • Being web-based Spritecs EHR, EMR and PM solutions provide easy updates, unlimited space for data storage and secure access from any location and computer
  • Well-structured and optimized management of computerized healthcare information helps avoid numerous medical errors, reduce the time spent on work with patient records to the minimum and provide an opportunity for easy and effective storage of high quality information
  • High level of security ensures ultimate safety of patient data
  • Systems’ flexibility and interoperability empower practice workflow and collaboration between the practitioners and experts
  • With web-based EHR, EMR and PM systems there is no need to install and maintain any complex hardware or hire a dedicated IT specialist what results in lower healthcare delivery costs

At Spritecs we develop and implement all the above mentioned solutions according to the specific needs of each customer. Spritecs custom-designed Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management (PM) systems are created to automate and streamline the workflow in healthcare centers and clinics. Empowered with our deep understanding of the industry specific needs and regulations, medical software systems created by Spritecs professionals cope with these tasks masterfully.

Our robust and productive medical software solutions are built on the basis of on-going industry investigation and best practices empowered with technology excellence. Spritecs functionally rich EHR, EMR and PM solutions are designed for experts by experts. They provide the users with next level opportunities for workflow optimization and increased profitability:

  • Document management
  • Functionally rich scheduler and calendar
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Full-scale quality and status reporting
  • E-Prescription
  • Highly secured access
  • Voice recognition
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Billing and accounting
  • Claim management
  • Convenient messaging
  • Patient portal

All these brilliant features, as well as many others per demand, can be built into your medical software systems (EHR, EMR and PM) to automate your business processes, decrease the amount of meaningless paperwork and improve customer satisfaction level.

To learn more about Spritecs medical software offerings or to submit a request, contact us now!


Online communities: the best way to meet and keep a good fix on your target audience

How to attract people and unite them around your healthcare organization? How to find out how to adjust your services to make them better match patients’ needs? Communication is the most obvious and most effective answer to these and many other questions every marketer or business owner would ask. Communicate with your target audience, pay attention to them, show them you care and they will pay back with their dedication, returning visits, great reviews and free advertising.


What is the most suitable place for such communication with your target audience? They may be so very different by age, income and amount of free time, but if you have something to gather people around, the best place to do that is your online community.

‘Yes!’ to marketing for non-profits

Many people consider marketing, PR and promotional activities solely the prerogative of commercial organizations and companies selling their products or services. But it is far from being true. Just have a look into any contemporary marketing book and you will see that marketing can and should be used by hospitals, colleges, clubs, churches, politicians, and other societies to attract new members, raise money, build credible brands, promote ideas, etc.

Terms like ‘customer retention’, ‘brand awareness’, ‘conversion rate’ and others can be used when describing your marketing strategy, whether you run an e-commerce company, a fan club, a church community or a medical center. In other words, if you want your organization to prosper and grow, you cannot neglect the benefits internet marketing offers. And when talking about internet marketing, it’s definitely its main tool – websites and communities – that we have in mind.

Any organization that aims to involve more people and increase its brand awareness, whatever the brand is, can benefit by building a strong community of supporters, members or customers online. To decide what your online community should look like and which functionality should be developed, take a closer look at the people the community is meant for.

If you know well what your target audience needs, it will be easy for you to decide what functional modules your online community should have:

· Blogging
· Messaging
· Calendar
· Media sharing
· Reporting
· Document management
· File storage
· VoIP or something specific.

Spritecs creates high-performance online communities for both profit and non-profit organizations that can be enhanced with custom set of functional modules, even those created specifically for your project by our experienced software engineers.

It’s never too late to start gathering people around your idea, product or movement. We will be happy to help whether you need community development or simply a starting advice.

Healthcare enterprise portal: a breeding ground for better productivity and job satisfaction.

Statistics say that more than 80% of all company’s internal information consists of unstructured documents, emails and other files. Nowadays more and more healthcare companies understand the true value of properly managed corporate information, internal communication and well-organized employee collaboration. It means that more and more companies enjoy the benefits that enterprise portals offer.

Enterprise Portal (Corporate Information Portal, Intranet Portal) makes up a framework for effective organization and secure sharing of information across company boundaries. In other words, it is a functionally-rich internal company site that will help you streamline content chaos and increase team performance.

Quality enterprise portals allow organizations manage employees’ relationship, collect corporate best practices, preserve company’s intellectual capital, and help organize effective employees’ collaboration by removing traditional communication barriers. Poorly elaborated flat intranets can’t exercise these functions. Worse yet, such portals may induce company data overload, uncategorized storage and improper use of valuable medical information.

What to say about the companies whose enterprise portals are neglected or absent at all? Quite a strange decision, when enterprise portals, properly organized and managed, are such a powerful tool to increase employee productivity and overall job satisfaction.


Multiple features of modern healthcare enterprise portals provide company employees and clients with rich functionality, user friendly design and extensive customization options.

  • Content management system
  • Interactive message board
  • Integrated enterprise search
  • Document management system
  • Enterprise mailing system
  • Internal calendar
  • Event management tool
  • Employee training
  • File storage and sharing
  • Blogging

These and many other features developed by Spritecs professional team will make any enterprise portal a dynamic and interactive environment that will increase your employees’ productivity by:

  • organizing and structuring scattered medical information what makes it much easier to navigate and find the necessary data;
  • opening up new opportunities for information sharing and editing;
  • making the portal more flexible and easy to use due to customization and personalization;
  • providing quick access to relevant information sources, news and applications;
  • saving time owing to the integrated search and information categorization.

We at Spritecs are happy to provide healthcare institutions and medical companies with state-of-the-art enterprise portal development services to create positive environment for your employees’ efficient collaboration, information sharing and workflow organization.

Is your clinic website as good as your healthcare services?

Website is the face your medical business turns to the online world. It is your main internet marketing tool and the way it looks, influences your business growth more than you can actually imagine.


They say first impression is half the battle. Indeed, visiting your corporate website clients and business partners make up their first impression of your service level, transparency and even the quality of the product you offer. If your website looks logic, alive and easily-digestible, it’s likely that the visitors will believe that doing business with you would be as easy and problem-free.

Today in highly competitive e-commerce environment, web design and usability advance with gigantic strides in order to discover shortest ways to the prospects. User behavior, attention patterns, click-through rate – all these and hundreds of other criteria are deliberately studied and modeled to outline the rules of creation of ideal selling websites. However, as in any other area, ideal is a vague notion.

Different types of users react differently to the same web content or layout. That is why, before starting corporate website development, we at Spritecs do our best to better understand your individual project peculiarities and the target audience: questionnaires, user behavior analysis and website traffic studies. These preliminary steps help us define how your website should look like to attract more visitors and facilitate their conversion into clients.

What makes a quality medical corporate website?

Our usability experts constantly update their knowledge and chose web development tools and techniques that suit your needs best. We create corporate websites that answer the expectations of today’s users:

  • Intuitive navigation
  • User-centered web design
  • Rich functionality
  • Flawless performance
  • Useful Content Management System
  • Easy ongoing maintenance and support

All these characteristics can be applied to websites developed by Spritecs. Years of experience and specific approach to web development allow our team to deliver feature-rich solutions for different industries’ players.

What are the benefits you can get?

With attractive, quality websites being yet rather inexpensive and easy to get, it seems unreasonable to deprive your company of the numerous benefits that professionally developed internet portals have to offer:

  • help your prospects and repeat customers easily find you in the world wide web;
  • increase your competitive strength;
  • showcase your best practices;
  • start two-way communication with your target audience;
  • get a powerful marketing tool that works for you 24/7/365;
  • create recognizable identity for your business.

Your corporate website can be fine-tuned to reflect your corporate values and meet your individual needs. We’ll be happy to help you outline the best solution for your company and turn it into reality.

Every day the number of people who do business online and for whom internet is the primary source of information increases exponentially. So whether you are a small family-run business or a large-scale holding, quality corporate website is a powerful tool in the competitive struggle that you should not neglect.

Your everyday web content management made easy: quality content and updates for healthcare institutions and doctors with Spritecs CMS solution.

It goes without saying that corporate website is a must-have for every company on the healthcare market. But many requirements are set for a contemporary website: it should be well-coded, dynamic, vivid and informative.

Continual updates, news and regularly added quality content make a website attractive for users and display company’s user-centric approach. But meeting these simple conditions can be a difficult thing to do for a company that doesn’t have a professional programmer on board. Creating new pages or updating the existing ones can be a real problem in this case. Content management system is the most obvious answer to all these questions.

There is no ideal person in the world, and equally it is impossible to find an ideal content management system (CMS). Every company has its specific needs that are to be reflected in its CMS. Therefore the ideal CMS for you will be the one that fits your requirements and contributes to your business growth.

Spritecs creates web content management solutions (WCMS) tailored to your specific business needs, solutions that allow your company benefit from the opportunities created by cutting-edge content management:

  • Keep your visitors informed about company news and changes, discounts and special offers;
  • Attract more customers with new services;
  • Build credible brands;
  • Share valuable knowledge with your audience and create added value for them;
  • Reduce costs spent on programming and web design;
  • Save time updating your websites in a matter of seconds;
  • Bring your web content in order and get a well-organized website with transparent navigation;
  • Analyze your website performance and optimize it to better answer your customers’ expectations;
  • Streamline your business processes with standardized procedures and guidelines;
  • Increase your search engine rank.

Spritecs Content Management Engine


The vast majority of Spritecs solutions are powered by Spritecs Content Management Engine which is an in-house development tool for faster and simpler elaboration of Content Management Systems (CMS) fine-tuned to the individual needs of the customer. The engine ensures full-blown range of operations with content (adding, editing, designing, sharing, etc.) and flawless integration of functional modules into complex-content solutions by providing exceptional scalable environment. It took months of deliberate work from Spritecs software engineers to outline content management best practices and elaborate Spritecs Content Management Engine, but now the work is regularly rewarded with rapid development of content-intensive applications and websites.

A Web Content Management solution comprises a series of modules integrated into a comprehensive system to meet your specific business needs:

  • Security. Provides secure access to document repository, password protected administration area and audit trail of activity within the repository.
  • Document management. Allows users to capture, manage, and store electronic documents, and assign relevant metadata, or attributes.
  • SEO management. Makes it easy to create search engine friendly pages and assign all the metadata necessary to move your website closer to top search result positions.
  • Search. Enables effective, customizable search based on a set of criteria.
  • Workflow. It’s possible to fine-tune business processes and procedures for electronic documents within the repository.
  • Web content management. Allows the company to manage web pages and web sites easily (create, modify, delete, switch on/off).
  • Branding. Easy adoption on new content to corporate style and website design helps maintain brand consistency.

As you can see, right content management solution is rich in components that can be beneficial for your company. To understand which components you need, you must first understand what your company’s requirements truly are. Our analytical team is looking forward to help you define your specific needs and outline the content management solution that will help your business reach new heights.

Swiss-quality software solutions and services

ImageSpritecs SA headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland offers its clients custom-designed websites, professional portals, workflow management solutions. We specialize in elaboration of complex software products for healthcare and insurance industries.

We are open for new connections and partnership. We love complex tasks and do our best to surpass the expectations of our clients.

Feel free to read our corporate blog and contact us anytime!

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